Here are some articles on PHP and MySQL which you may find useful:

Date Amended Download/Source details
1 Using PHP 4's DOM XML functions to create XML files from SQL data 22nd August 2004
2 How to create a Year-to-a-Page calendar view source code
3 How to create a Loan Amortisation and Interest Calculation routine view source code
4 Using PHP 4's Sablotron extension to perform XSL Transformations 22nd August 2004
5 How to handle a Many-to-Many relationship with PHP and MySQL 2nd December 2023
6 Using PHP Objects to access your Database Tables (Part 1)
7 Using PHP Objects to access your Database Tables (Part 2) 31st August 2003
8 A class for validating and formatting dates 21st November 2011 view source code
9 Customising the PHP error handler 15th April 2014
10 A Binary-Octal-Decimal-Hexadecimal-Base36 converter 7th April 2004 view source code
11 How to calculate the elapsed time of an event
12 A reversible password encryption routine for PHP 16th June 2007 view source code
13 A Development Infrastructure for PHP 5th May 2024
14 Transaction Patterns for Web Applications 1st June 2021
15 A Sample PHP Application 1st August 2011 (525KB)
3rd April 2023
16 Dealing with null end dates
17 Keeping a history of changes by date 23rd August 2005
18 Pagination - what it is and how to do it
19 Back Button Blues
20 Reusable XSL Stylesheets and Templates 3rd June 2006
21 The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern for PHP 25 July 2021
22 A Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system for PHP 1st May 2014
23 FAQ on the Radicore Development Infrastructure 5th May 2024
24 Using PHP 5's DOM functions to create XML files from SQL data
25 Using PHP 5's XSL functions to perform XSL Transformations
26 Creating an Audit Log with an online viewing facility 15th October 2015
27 A flexible Tree structure
28 User Guide to the Menu and Security (RBAC) System 1st January 2023
29 An activity based Workflow Engine for PHP 1st November 2016
30 UML diagrams for the Radicore Development Infrastructure
31 Client Clones and Server Sessions 18th September 2017
32 A Data Dictionary for PHP Applications 1st November 2022
33 Saving PHP's Session data to a database 21th December 2005
34 Internationalisation and the Radicore Development Infrastructure (Part 1) 1st January 2013
35 The Singleton Design Pattern for PHP 10th March 2007
36 Creating a PostgreSQL driver for the Radicore Development Infrastructure
37 Performing client-side XSL transformations 21st June 2006
38 RADICORE for PHP - Functions, Methods and Variables 1st November 2022
39 Working with a stateless protocol 19th August 2006
40 RADICORE - Rapid Application Development Toolkit visit for details
41 The RADICORE Security Model 1st January 2023
42 Is Radicore better than Ruby On Rails? 18th October 2006
43 Prototype Product Application 9th July 2006
44 Prototype Classroom Scheduling Application
45 Prototype Survey/Questionnaire Application
46 RADICORE for PHP - Inserting optional JavaScript 1st May 2019
47 RADICORE for PHP - creating PDF output 9th January 2020
48 A flexible method of storing control data
49 RADICORE for PHP - Extending the Validation class 15th January 2007
50 Radicore for PHP - Tutorial (Part 1)
51 Radicore for PHP - Tutorial (Part 2) 1st January 2013
52 Radicore for PHP - Tutorial (Part 3)
53 Radicore for PHP - Tutorial (Part 4)
54 Radicore for PHP - Tutorial (Part 5) 1st January 2013
55 Creating an Oracle driver for the Radicore Development Infrastructure 1st November 2015
56 RADICORE for PHP - Implementing Virtual Private Databases 1st April 2016
57 Internationalisation and the Radicore Development Infrastructure (Part 2)
58 The use of Cascading Style Sheets within Radicore 1st June 2011
59 Using Radicore components in a front-end website 9th November 2009
60 Creating a SQL Server driver for the Radicore Development Infrastructure 1st November 2015
61 Support for PHP4 stops, support for PHP7 starts
62 How Radicore's Hook System Works 1st September 2018
63 How Radicore prevents CSRF attacks
64 How Radicore prevents SQL Injection attacks
65 Evolution of the RADICORE framework 15th May 2024