Rapid Application Development toolkit for building Administrative Web Applications

RADICORE - Rapid Application Development Toolkit for Building Administrative Web Applications

By Tony Marston

10th April 2006

Ever since I started publishing articles about my personal development environment, especially my Role Based Access Control system, my Workflow system, my Audit Logging system and my Data Dictionary, I have had numerous requests from people wanting to know where they could download the source code. Until recently there was only a small sample application which was available to download, but now I have decided to release all my software in a single package.

The software is being released under the product name of RADICORE and contains the following:

It's even better than Ruby on Rails!

Please note that this framework has been designed primarily for administrative web applications which have restricted access, not common-or-garden websites which are open to just anybody.

This framework is being made available with two licensing options:

For full details please visit http://www.radicore.org.