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Close Forms

Close 1 - End-of-session processing

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The purpose of this component is to perform any processing which may be required when a user's session ends. The only processing that the template contains is to clear global variable $$FIRST_TIME_FLAG. This is defined within each application's library and is set within the application's INIT_PROC.

For more details on how this fits into the application structure please refer to Menu and Security System - Appendix H: Application Start-Up and Closedown.

info_symbol.gif The component built from this template should be named <application>_CLOSE where <application> is the name of the application library.




Bound Objects


Local Constants (Refer to Local Constants)

Name Expression Description
FORM_VERSION 01.000.000 To be incremented each time the component is changed.

Component Variables (Refer to Component Variables)

Name Description

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