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MNU_0065M - Maintain Transaction Item Access (via Transaction)


This transaction will list the contents of the MNU-ITEM-ACCESS table for a particular Transaction, then for individual Security Classes will show whether access to Items within that Transaction has been turned ON or OFF. If an item is accessible then the ACCESS ALLOWED switch will be set ON (ticked), otherwise it will be OFF (blank).

Refer to Appendix K: Transaction Item Access Profiles for more details.

The Transaction is as selected in the parent form. Different Security Classes can be selected by using the scroll bar on the right, or added using the ADD button.

The list of items is obtained from the MNU-ITEM-LIST table, maintained by transaction MNU_0060M.

By default all ACCESS ALLOWED switches are set ON, and must be turned OFF as and when required.

The setting of the switch on any line can be changed just by double clicking on that line.

Access Allowed Set to ON (ticked) to allow access.
Set to OFF (blank) to disallow access.


Add Create an empty line ready for a new Security Class which can be selected using screen MNU_0010P. The initial setting for all ACCESS ALLOWED switches will be ON.
Delete Delete the entry for the current Security Class. This is equivalent to removing all OFF settings, thus making all items within this Transaction accessible to all users of this Security Class.
Store Update the database, remain in this screen.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.