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MNU_0060M - Maintain Transaction Item (Field) List


This will allow the system administrator to define the list of items (fields) within a Transaction so that access may be turned OFF to Users of particular Security Classes. If an item is not defined here then access to it cannot be turned off.

Refer to Appendix K: Transaction Item Access Profiles for more details.

This list is only relevant for transactions that have been specifically written to include processing for the list. It does not automatically apply to every available transaction.

Item Name Required. The name of an item (field) within the specified transaction. This is not validated, so entries for items that cannot be found at run time will be ignored.

The entity (table) name is not required unless the item belongs to a table other than the main table in the specified transaction.


Add Create an empty occurrence ready for new input.
Delete Delete the current (highlighted) occurrence.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.