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MENU_HELPA - Help About Screen


This screen is activated by selecting HELP on the pulldown menu, then ABOUT PROGRAM.

It shows details regarding the current version of the software. This is useful when checking to see if the user is running the correct release of the software.

This screen is display-only.

System Title The title given to the current system.
System Version The version number given to the current release. This should be incremented each time a new version of the system is released. A release may be comprised of a number of new or changed forms, or changes to the library of messages or procedures.
Release Date The date that the current software was released.
Form Version The version number of the current form. This should be incremented each time the form is modified.
Form Name The name of the current form.
Form Title The title of the current form.


OK Return to the parent form.
View Licence View the contents of the licence for this software.