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mnu_nav_button(upd1) - Update Navigation Button

mnu_nav_button(upd1) (20K)

The purpose of this function is to allow the user to update the details of entries on the NAVIGATION BUTTON table.

This form is accessed by selecting entries in the List Navigation Button screen before pressing the 'UPDATE' button in the navigation bar.

For a complete description of how this type of form works please see Transaction Pattern UPDATE 1.

Field List
Field NameTypeDescription
Task ID String Required. This is passed down from the parent function so is entered automatically. It is part of the primary key and cannot be changed. This is the identity of the parent task which contains these navigation buttons.
Button ID String Required. This is identity of a task that will appear as a button in the navigation bar for the parent task. It is part of the primary key and cannot be changed.
Sort Sequence Integer Required. This determines the order in which the items will be displayed in the navigation bar.
Pre Select Boolean If this task is added to another task's navigation bar it may or may not require an entry within that task's screen to be selected before it can be activated. The value in this field determines where the navigation button will appear:
  • No - in the top line
  • Yes - in the bottom line.
Button Text String Required. This is the text that will appear in the navigation bar for this task